* Our banners are printed on PVC flex plastic material.

   * They are in full colour -  glue hemmed and eyeletted.

   * We can customise the eyelet positions or any other requirements that you may have.

   * They are waterproof but not fire retardant.

   * Velcro attachments could be affixed as desired. Variable patches could also be done

              based on your specs.

   ** The ROLLER banners on offer are in the super economy light grade version and not meant

            for heavy usage.

   *** For details on bunting please check below.

These come in 10mt lengths with the full colour printed flap (in your design) in around A4 size.

We do manufacture them for you, so could customise as required to any length, shape or size.

Please note

*  Our banners are in gloss finish and waterproof but not fireproof grade. 

*  These are not suitable for very windy conditions.

* The banner width/height/eyelet positions could have a tolerance of +/- 4%-5%.

* The colour output is an approximation and may not exactly match colour percentages.