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Bose - Operations
Tel: 01908 538 078

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Please email us once it is uploaded and we will take it from there.


Payments address - Orien UK Ltd, 53a Belsize Lane, London NW3 5AU

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Mailing address
37 Lundholme, Heelands,

Milton Keynes, MK13 7QJ

We have a very friendly marketing team who are always willing to help out so that you always have the right product

for your needs.

Our artwork and design team could work on your briefing and prepare drafts which you never thought could be so easy to

work upon. We do not charge for the designs, so you can imagine how competitive our prices are.

For sample requests just send an email with your requirements and postal address to and we will get

a sample set posted to you ASAP. Get back to us and we would be happy to discuss on your specific requirements.

Customised jobs are handled specially with mockups and dummies being prepared. We do understand the effect of an imaginary

product and a physical one.